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Benefits of Society Membership

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The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc. (The Society, for short) offers the following benefits of membership for our two membership types:

Benefits of Membership  - Annual

Two very special gifts.
    1. An autographed copy of George's book, "Cucamonga Valley Wine: The Lost Empire of American Winemaking," 2017, Arcadia
        Publishing & the History Press. (Additional signed books are availabel for a donation of $21 each, shipping included.)
    2. A very special and unique collectible...a corked 20ml glass bottle containing a sample of Cucamonga's famous sandy soil and
        Zinfandel seeds from this year's 2019 harvest coming up in September. The bottle is affixed to a postcard-sized folding card. Next
        to the bottle on the card is a story of the historic pertinence of the fabulous sandy soil which once hosted more than 40,000
        contiguous acres of grapevines and how the Zinfandel grape added to the regions success at the Cucamonga Valley's prime in
        the first half of the 1900s. (Additional Cucamonga Sand & Seeds Bottles are available for a donation of $15 each (shipping
        included). They make a great gift!)

Exclusive invitations to informational and instructional seminars, e.g., Winemaking 101, Advanced Winemaking, Winemaking tips
   and tricks, America’s wines, Cucamonga Valley history, Wines around the world, etc. Participation Fees may apply;

Exclusive invitations to wine tasting events (both home and commercial wines). Participation fees may apply.

Experienced winemaking direction, advice, and consultation for home winemaking and for “custom crush” commercial winemaking
   (when available);

Use of available major winemaking equipment (crusher/destemmer, press, filter, bottle filler, floor stand corker, etc.). Fees apply.

Discounted pricing for purchase of winemaking equipment and supplies and other merchandise (fermentation containers, carboys,
   airlocks, yeast, sulfite powder/solution, labels, and much more);

Hosting of your home winemaking and storage of your developing wine at the Society’s private venue;

Fruit from commercial vineyards throughout California’s winegrowing regions to make your own wine;

Seasonal Home Winemaking events (crush fest, press fest, bottling fest, etc.);

Annual Society Home Wine competition starting in 2020.

-  Members only access to podcasts and "virtual" attendace at live events.

Members-only access to a special members-only page on our website.

Fun for the whole family at advertised “Family Events!”

Benefits of Membership - Lifetime 

Lifetime Members enjoy all the benefits of the Annual Membership, but they also receive FREE admission to seminars, tastings,
   and other events, unless free admission is specifically not offered at “special” events.

Terms and Cost of Membership   Annual Membership is $100 per adult and runs for one year from the date of purchase and is non-transferable. Lifetime Membership is $500 per adult and is also non-transferable. Annual Members can earn a $25 credit toward their next year’s membership for each paid New Member referral. Lifetime Members also earn a $25 credit for each paid New Member referral, which can be used for Society apparel,equipment rental, winemaking costs, etc.

The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc.   The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 service organization, registered in California and with the IRS, that is governed by a Board of Directors as required by California law. The Society is directly administered by a board-supervised President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Membership in the organization is fully tax-deductible and is offered on an annual or lifetime basis. Board and other positions may be available to interested persons. If interested, please inquire.

Guests of Members   Guests of members to Society events are welcome and will be charged a “temporary membership” fee of $20 per guest in addition to any other related costs for that event, if any. The temporary membership will be valid for that event only.