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Benefits of Society Membership

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Inquiries? Please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possbile.

The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc. (The Society, for short) offers the following benefits of membership for our two membership types:

Benefits of Membership  - Annual

Two very special gifts.
    1. An autographed copy of George's book, "Cucamonga Valley Wine: The Lost Empire of American Winemaking," 2017, Arcadia
        Publishing & the History Press. (Additional signed books are availabel for a donation of $21 each, shipping included.)
    2. A very special and unique collectible...a corked 20ml glass bottle containing a sample of Cucamonga's famous sandy soil and
        Zinfandel seeds from this year's 2019 harvest coming up in September. The bottle is affixed to a postcard-sized folding card. Next
        to the bottle on the card is a story of the historic pertinence of the fabulous sandy soil which once hosted more than 40,000
        contiguous acres of grapevines and how the Zinfandel grape added to the regions success at the Cucamonga Valley's prime in
        the first half of the 1900s. (Additional Cucamonga Sand & Seeds Bottles are available for a donation of $15 each (shipping
        included). They make a great gift!)

Exclusive invitations to informational and instructional seminars, e.g., Winemaking 101, Advanced Winemaking, Winemaking tips
   and tricks, America’s wines, Cucamonga Valley history, Wines around the world, etc. Participation Fees may apply;

Exclusive invitations to wine tasting events (both home and commercial wines). Participation fees may apply.

Experienced winemaking direction, advice, and consultation for home winemaking and for “custom crush” commercial winemaking
   (when available);

Use of available major winemaking equipment (crusher/destemmer, press, filter, bottle filler, floor stand corker, etc.). Fees apply.

Discounted pricing for purchase of winemaking equipment and supplies and other merchandise (fermentation containers, carboys,
   airlocks, yeast, sulfite powder/solution, labels, and much more);

Hosting of your home winemaking and storage of your developing wine at the Society’s private venue;

Fruit from commercial vineyards throughout California’s winegrowing regions to make your own wine;

Seasonal Home Winemaking events (crush fest, press fest, bottling fest, etc.);

Annual Society Home Wine competition starting in 2020.

-  Members only access to podcasts and "virtual" attendace at live events.

Members-only access to a special members-only page on our website.

Fun for the whole family at advertised “Family Events!”

Benefits of Membership - Lifetime 

Lifetime Members enjoy all the benefits of the Annual Membership, but they also receive FREE admission to seminars, tastings,
   and other events, unless free admission is specifically not offered at “special” events.

Terms and Cost of Membership   Annual Membership is $100 per adult and runs for one year from the date of purchase and is non-transferable. Lifetime Membership is $500 per adult and is also non-transferable. Annual Members can earn a $25 credit toward their next year’s membership for each paid New Member referral. Lifetime Members also earn a $25 credit for each paid New Member referral, which can be used for Society apparel,equipment rental, winemaking costs, etc.

The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc.   The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 service organization, registered in California and with the IRS, that is governed by a Board of Directors as required by California law. The Society is directly administered by a board-supervised President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Membership in the organization is fully tax-deductible and is offered on an annual or lifetime basis. Board and other positions may be available to interested persons. If interested, please inquire.

Guests of Members   Guests of members to Society events are welcome and will be charged a “temporary membership” fee of $20 per guest in addition to any other related costs for that event, if any. The temporary membership will be valid for that event only.




Our Mission

To share our common passion for winegrowing, winemaking, wine appreciation, and our love for anything and everything "wine"...

You don't...

have to be a home
winemaker to be part of our group. If you enjoy wine, we are a resource that will expand your knowledge and your appreciation for the fruit of the vine!
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New Annoucements & Upcoming Events:

NEW! Vineyard Care & Services:  The Society is pleased to announce that our President, George Walker, has reproduced his original home vineyard installation, care and maintenance services for new and existing home vineyard throughout Southern California, and is call George's biz is not in competition with his son's biz,, but is an adjunct to help those vineyard owners who his son cannot help, and to install small home vineyards for those who cannot land on his son's radar. Sounds weird, right?  Just contact us with your interest and we'll figure out who is best suited to serve you. Are you located outside our service area in SoCal? Even if we can't help you personally due to distance, you can still contact us for advice and recommendations to care for your home vineyard no matter where you are located. And, no matter where you are locaed, we will be happy to consult and install as long as you are willing to fund for our reasonable travel costs. We are flexible. For information about our Vineyard Care & Services program, click here. Contact George at 909-560-7834 for more information. 

Celebrating the Historic Cucamonga Valley!

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 Italian barrel workers, or "coopers," at the historic Guasti winery show strength in brotherly unity. The gentleman seated at the center front is the Master Cooper. Note that most of them are holding a wine bottle. There is a particular reason why.

Pruned Cucamonga vines, decades ago, await Spring bud break. A few hundred acres of these same vines still exist today in various parts of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Mira Loma, and Fontana. In the background, a snowy Cucamonga Peak overlooks the famed Cucamonga Valley and the nearly 40,000 contiguous acres of grapevines.

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Hello! For those of you who are new to our Wine Society, please click on our ABOUT page for our profile info.

In our continuing response to the Pandemic, we continue to be dormant for private events. However, the 2020 harvest is upon us, so we are processing member grapes for home winemaking. Call George for more information or to schedule an appointment to bring in your harvest for processing or to take advantage of various grape varietals that we offer. For ongoing information, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and send us your email address so that you can be included on our email distribution list. We are excited to announce that our private Society Winery will soon become a public venue...San Giorgio of Cucamonga Winery and Three Regions Wine Tasting. Currently in the planning stage.
Join us if you have not already.

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It's Home Winemaking Season!!! (actually, it's generally winemaking season, but we "homies" really look forward to it!) We have posted our 2020 Home Winemaking Program information, as well as grape availability for those who don't have their own vineyard/fruit. You don't need experience of any kind, except for the desire to make your own wine that you can custom label and enjoy with family and friends! Click here to go to our Events page for more information

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The Society's wonderful home winemaking and private membership venue is located in the 120-year old Biane Family Winery facility, 10013 8th St., Unit W, Rancho Cucamonga. We have 5500+ sf of space where we have built-out our home winemaking program, set up a designated meeting area with varied seating and decor, and are planning to do so much more. In the near future, we will transform the venue into a small commercial winery and a public tasting room. For the time being, we will continue to build the Society and have fun with our membership.To date, we are producing more than 60 home wines for upwards of 32 Society members. Our current Society membership stands at around 120 and continues to grow! Join us if you have not already.

For all those who have home winegrape vineyards, and for all those who do not have their own vineyard but have dreamed of making their own home wine, the S.A.H.W. offers a variety of services, including in-home consultation and assistance, access to supplies and winemaking equipment, access to premium fruit, private wine tastings, member-only events, and a venue to make home wine for any member who needs it. 


The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking, Inc. is a not-for-profit 50l(c)3 service organization registered in California and registration pending with the IRS, that is governed by a Board of Advisors as required by California law. The Society is directly administered by a board-supervised President, Secretary, and Treasure. These administrative positions, as well as other positions as may be approved by the Board, may or may not receive appropriate compensation. The organization's membership fee and donations are fully tax-deductible. Membership is offered on an annual or lifetime basis. Board and other positions may be available to interested persons.



Society leadership

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Contact Us

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Inquiries? Please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possbile.

How did you find us?  

S.A.H.W., Inc.

10013 8th St., Unit W

Rancho Cucamonga





Phone: 909-303-3012

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Join & Support the Society

We invite you to join our new Society with a tax-deductible membership. And, we happily accept tax-deductible donations that go to supporting our efforts.  Membership payments and donations will be accepted here via PayPal. You can use your own PayPal account or just utilize PayPal to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.

The Society offers four different types of full memberships:

1. Annual Individual Membership (one adult)   -    $  100

2. Annual Joint Membership (two adults)          -    $  190

3. Lifetime Individual Membership (one adult)  -    $  500

4. Lifetime Joint Membership (two adults)         -    $  975

Annual "Individual" memberships (after payment) are
effective upon the member attending his/her first Society
event and continues for one year thereafter, renewable.

Annual "Joint" memberships (after payment) become 
effective after one or both members attend his/her first
Society event and continues for one year thereafter,

Lifetime "Individual" and "Joint" memberships are
effective immediately and last for the member's lifetime
and the lifetime of the Society. 

Out of Area/National/International memberships are
are offered for a donation of $50 per family. Benefits
include the two special gifts, the ability to purchase
additional special gifts and other Society merchandise
via additional donation,and special access to podcasts
and live events.

Guest Memberships, also know as "Temporary Memberships"
are available "per event" when someone is invited by an active Society member. You can pay the Temporary Membership donation using the "Special Events" button. The donation is $20, which can later be applied to a full membership. These temporary memberships are limited to the particular Society event and do not include any of the regular benefits made available to Annual or Lifetime memberships. 

Special Event Donations - This button is used to make a donation for attending Member Events.

General Donations - This button is used to make a general donation of any type or amount. 

Temporary Membership

General Donations

Cucamonga Book

Sand & Seeds Bottle

Corporate Sponsor

Strategic Partner

Special Events & Temporary Memberships

Out of Area Membership

Thursday Nights at the Winery event: Please use the "Special Events" button for submitting your $20 per member donation.  Also use this button when paying for a "Temporary Membership."

New Year's Eve event: Please use the "Special Events" button for submitting your $20 per member donation.  Also use this button when paying for a "Temporary Membership." 

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Our Vision...

is that our mutual passion is continuously fullfilled and our mutual dream always realized. Wine not?

Organizations can't be entirely successful without support from businesses, organizations, persons, and institutions. Sometimes these are called "Corporate Supporters"
or "Corporate Sponsors." If you are a business that would like to provide us with
tax-deductible financial support, we would love to have you join us. We are pleased to recognize our corporate partners and sponsors. We urge you to, when possible, utilize them for your own needs. Click each business picture to go to their website.

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Meetings & Events

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Inquiries? Please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possbile.

Upcoming Events: 



























Forthcoming Events:


Wine Appreciation Seminar - Members & Guests
Winemaking Overview - Members & Guests
Vineyard Ownership & Care - Members & Guests
Starting a home winery - Members & Guests

Podcasts and Virtual Attendance at Events!




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Our Strategic Partners

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Inquiries? Please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possbile.

The Society cultivates special partnerships with local and regional businesses to bring you opportunities that you usually have to ask friends for or search for on the net. Believe us...if you see it here, you can trust it to be your finest choice!


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Thank You!       

We are sincerely appreciative for your donation. We know you will enjoy any and all benefits that you have signed up for. No matter what your donation to us was for, please be assured that you will receive a follow-up letter of thanks along with a recognition of your charitable donation for tax purposes. Thanks so much for supporting the Society! And don't hesitate to contact us with questions.


In Vino Veritas!

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We Want YOU!

As part of our educational and fun wine-loving organization.

Dear Friend:


Thanks for making the journey from FaceBook or Instagram!


Many of you know of my tremendous passion for winegrowing, winemaking, educating others, and just sharing my passion whenever and however possible. In a new effort to continue to share my passion, a few friends of mine and I have created a new not-for-profit wine lovers' society. We have initially dubbed it "The Society for the Advancement of Home Winemaking."


But it's not an organization just for home winemaker. Not at all. It is an organization that seeks to celebrate the rich history and heritage of our local Cucamonga Valley through members-only events to be held at our new, soon to be disclosed venue here in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The great news is, you don't have to be a local Cucamongan or a Southern California resident to be part of the fun. Along with local events, we will conduct podcasts through our website and other web venues, and offer "virtual" opportunities for anyone in the United States and the world to be a virtual part of many of our events - from home winemaking, to private tastings, to seminars on wine appreciation and education, and so much more.


We plan to have a lot of fun with this...and to have that fun with all wine enthusiasts, hopefully including YOU. So we are in the process of soliciting tax-deductible memberships and general donations to bolster the organization's success. No matter who you are or where you are, you can be a part of this wonderful new organization.


Local membership for those who will be making wine and/or attending Society events in our venue is $100 per adult, or $190 for a couple. We will also have "family friendly" events so that the kids can attend, too. Lifetime memberships are available for $500 per adult or $950 for a couple (a great long-term value).


For those who don't live nearby and cannot participate in person, an "out of area" membership is available for $50 for a family, which will include access to our podcasts and streaming events. A tax deductible donation of ANY amount is also accepted, and you will receive a letter of thanks for tax purposes.


But, there is more! All paid members, local or not, will receive two special gifts. 1. A signed copy of my best-selling book, "Cucamonga Valley Wine: The Lost Empire of American Winemaking" (2017, Arcadia Publishing & the History Press), and 2. A very special, unique collectible...a 20ml corked glass bottle containing a sample of Cucamonga's famous sandy soil and Zinfandel seeds from this year's 2019 harvest coming up in September. The bottle is affixed to a postcard-sized folding card that presents the story of the historic pertinence of the fabulous sandy soil which once hosted more than 40,000 contiguous acres of grapevines at the Cucamonga Valley's prime and information about the Zinfandel grape which also added to the great success of the region in the first half of the 1900s (written by yours truly).


These two gifts, and also a membership, would make GREAT gifts to wine-loving family and friends. If you wish to make a general donation through of less than $50, you can separately order the autographed book and/or the Cucamonga Sand & Seeds Bottle. If you wish to join as any type of member, local or national (or international), please visit our Society website at (or use the links on the top of this page) to view the benefits of of membership and to pay for your type of membership: out of area annual or local annual/lifetime. You can also make a donation of any amount through the site.


We hope you will support us and, hopefully, become a member. We are also accepting Corporate Sponsorships and Strategic Partnerships with interested businesses. Remember, all donations/payments are tax deductible. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions. It's a lot to take in all at one time. I would love to hear from you, even if it's not about the Society!


In Vino Veritas,



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You Have Vineyard Care Options

Since around 2007 until now, my former business,, was pretty much the only option in the SoCal region to offer home vineyard installation, maintenance, and services. MHV still thrives to this day, and not only continues to offer exceptional design and installation of home vineyards, but also maintenance and related services (I highly recommend them). Unfortunately, there have been times when MHV was not able to accommodate some home vineyard owners due to various reasons. Therefore, in an effort to supplement the availability of installation, maintenance and other services for SoCal home vineyard owners, we also offer home vineyard services through a new, small biz. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION TO TAKE AWAY MAINTENANCE BUSINESS FROM MHV, NOT BY ANY MEANS. MHV does a splendid job of providing expert maintenance on the home vineyards they serve, and they are exceptional in design and installation of home vineyards. But for those home vineyards that are not currently being served, and for those who may not be able to wait until MHV can install a vineyard (they typically have a long wait list), we are available to you. If you are interested in receiving a quote for vineyard installation, care education, direction, pruning, maintenance, and/or other services, please call or text George at 909-560-7834 or email me at You can also check out our website at