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You Have Vineyard Care Options

Since around 2007 until now, my former business,, was pretty much the only option in the SoCal region to offer home vineyard installation, maintenance, and services. MHV still thrives to this day, and not only continues to offer exceptional design and installation of home vineyards, but also maintenance and related services (I highly recommend them). Unfortunately, there have been times when MHV was not able to accommodate some home vineyard owners due to various reasons. Therefore, in an effort to supplement the availability of installation, maintenance and other services for SoCal home vineyard owners, we also offer home vineyard services through a new, small biz. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION TO TAKE AWAY MAINTENANCE BUSINESS FROM MHV, NOT BY ANY MEANS. MHV does a splendid job of providing expert maintenance on the home vineyards they serve, and they are exceptional in design and installation of home vineyards. But for those home vineyards that are not currently being served, and for those who may not be able to wait until MHV can install a vineyard (they typically have a long wait list), we are available to you. If you are interested in receiving a quote for vineyard installation, care education, direction, pruning, maintenance, and/or other services, please call or text George at 909-560-7834 or email me at You can also check out our website at